Experts unveil a “to-do” list of pressing cybersecurity challenges for 2019 and further – CYBERSEC 2018 Recommendations have been published

Each year, the European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC becomes a platform of dialogue on the most pressing challenges of the digital world. During lively onstage discussions, thought-provoking presentations and inspiring interviews, the holistic community of professionals and experts share their insights on strategic aspects related to cybersecurity. This year, debates were once again deeply informative, constructive and delivered highly valuable content.

CYBERSEC team is honoured to present the publication containing the set of actionable and tangible recommendations that aim at shaping policies, improving strategies and boosting the quest for cyber trust. As the digital ecosystem is evolving and new global rules are arising, this quest should be a constant and ongoing process, profoundly embedded in the mindset of all stakeholders – from policy-makers to business leaders, academics and experts.

Read the crucial recommendations and download the full report: