Najnowszy numer European Cybersecurity Journal jest już dostępny!

Nowy numer European Cybersecurity Journal (vol 4 issue 3) jest już dostępny! Znajdziesz w nim wywiady z Antonio Missiroli i Johnem Frankiem oraz artykuły:

• „Changing the Status Quo – Increasing Trust of the Cloud with Continuous Assurance” Daniele Catteddu,
• „Error 404: Drone Not Found. Smartphones as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ground Control Stations: an overview of cyber-related vulnerabilities” Ginevry Fontany,
• „Quantum technologies and standardization” Tomasza Mazura,
• „Between cyber and physical worlds: secure endpoint devices as the key interface for a Blended Reality future” Giulii Pastorelli i Simona Shiu,
• „Information Sharing for the Mitigation of Hostile Activity in Cyberspace: Comparing Two Nascent Models (Part 1)” Deborah Housen-Couriel,
• „Can a public tender be a threat to IT infrastructures in public institutions?” Pawła Sawickiego,
• „Protecting today against the threats of tomorrow” Lothara Rennera,
• „Industry’s initiative to increase resilience of cyberspace: the Cybersecurity Tech Accord”

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