Thematic Streams

The aim of the CYBERSEC Washington Leaders' Foresight 2019 is to give proactive guidance on how to develop innovative digital strategies, implement state-of-the-art secure digital infrastructure and develop cybersecurity policy statecraft along with transatlantic cooperation in the Three Seas Region.

Each stream will feature a dedicated one-hour panel discussion focused on the key goals and challenges for operationalization of the Digital 3 Seas Initiative.


Building cyber resilience of the Three Seas region by enhanced cooperation with the United States. The overview of pending and upcoming initiatives.


Keeping up with a pace of innovation in the era of the defence sector dependency on the emerging critical technologies.


The digital poten¬tial of the 3S region as a new driver of growth. Identification of critical technologies and conceptualization of daring projects that will foster digital transformation of the Three Seas region.


The role of the government and private sector in deploying secure 5G infrastructure as a backbone of the future digital economy, public services and military cooperation in the Three Seas region.