The aim of the CYBERSEC Washington Leaders' Foresight 2019 is to give proactive guidance on how to develop innovative digital strategies, implement state-of-the-art secure digital infrastructure and develop cybersecurity policy statecraft along with transatlantic cooperation in the Three Seas Region.

First CYBERSEC event to be held in Washington will bring together high-level EU and U.S. officials, representatives of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) countries, businesses, academia and the NGOs leaders. The aim of the CYBERSEC - Washington Leaders’ Foresight 2019 is to foster greater political, business and security synergies between the United States and the 3S region by developing digital and cybersecurity cooperation. Forward-looking proposals of such cooperation have been formulated within the Digital 3 Seas Initiative (D3SI) launched by the Kosciuszko Institute together with a group of regional think tanks and with contributions by the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) in Washington D.C.

The D3SI highlighted the need of pooling together technological capacity and resources and the recognition of cybersecurity as an overarching dimension to foster secure digital transformation in the Three Seas region and beyond.


  • Government officials from the U.S., EU, NATO and the Three Seas region
  • C-level leaders of the private sector
  • Experts and academics


Representatives of the EU and the US

CYBERSEC DC is a place for expert-driven debate on public policy advancements and best pracices sharing among U.S., EU, and the governments from Central-Eastern Europe. The event will offering the private sector the opportunity to actively inspire these processes through participation in the panel discussions.



ICT & cybersecurity industry leaders

CYBRESEC DC will present investment opportunities in the CEE based on newest reports and lessons learned from start-ups and global companies that have already secured their position in the region. Get market insights and counsel from experienced entrepreneurs and policymakers.



World-class cybersecurity experts

CYBERSEC DC is an event where you can gain comprehensive insight into the agenda of the most important institutions and companies shaping the American,European and global cybersecurity system.



100+ participants

CYBERSEC DC is a platform for establishing and fostering strategic relations with key cyberspace stakeholders and developing a Transatlantic cybersecurity community.