European Cybersecurity Journal (vol. 5 issue 1) is published and it’s redesigned, refreshed & improved

NEW YEAR, NEW ECJ! On behalf of the Editorial Board, we're excited to present you the new issue of the European Cybersecurity Journal. This edition is the first one with redesigned and refreshed format, and improved, even more tailored content. ECJ is now supervised by new executive editors and is entirely available for free.  Vol. […]

European Cybersecurity Journal – vol. 4 issue 2 has been published!

  We've published the newest issue of the European Cybersecurity Journal! Contents: • 2018 NATO Summit in Cyber Context by Marta Przywała, CDR Wiesław Goździewicz • Interview with Mady Delvaux-Stehres • LiFi – Shining a Light on Cybersecurity by Harald Haas, Hamish Stewart, Harald Burchardt, Nikola Serafimovski • Securing IoT – Enabled Smart City Services – the Military Perspective by Mauro […]