The Kosciuszko Institute is in the group of early supporters of the Paris Call

The Kosciuszko Institute & CYBERSEC Forum are in the first group of early supporters that endorsed Paris Call at the stage of its preparation. By the endorsement, we reaffirm our support to “an open, secure, stable, accessible & peaceful cyberspace” and to “build-up confidence, capacity & trust”. Find the full text: The goal of […]

The Digital 3 Seas Initiative – Mapping the Challenges to Overcome

Launched in 2016 by the countries bordering the Adriatic, the Baltic, and the Black Sea, the Three Seas Initiative is an exceptional effort to increase interconnectivity in the fields of energy, transport, and digitalisation. The initiative aims to deepen integration among 12 EU countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, […]

The Kosciuszko Institute & CYBERSEC HUB is part of the worldwide support program, that allows cybersecurity companies and entrepreneurs to explore new markets

Are you interested in exploring a new market? The Global EPIC Soft-Landing Program offers companies and entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to ‘soft land’ for a trail period in the market of one of the Global EPIC ecosystems. It provides a low risk entry trial to companies and entrepreneurs entering a new international market, accessing the […]

Date of the second edition of CYBERSEC Forum in Brussels anounced

Second edition of CYBERSEC Brussels Leaders’ Foresight will be held on 20 February 2019. The conference will be attended by leading representatives of the EU and NATO administration, international organisations, experts and global IT leaders. The discussion’s main topics will be based on recommendations and key takeaways elaborated during the 4th European Cybersecurity Forum – […]

The newest issue of the European Cybersecurity Journal (vol 4 issue 3) is now available for subscribers!

The newest issue of the European Cybersecurity Journal (vol 4 issue 3) that coincided with the 4th European Cybersecurity Forum - CYBERSEC 2018 is available! You’ll find there interviews with Antonio Missiroli and John Frank and articles: • „Changing the Status Quo – Increasing Trust of the Cloud with Continuous Assurance” by Daniele Catteddu, • […]

The Digital 3 Seas Initiative (D3SI) as one of the most important topics of CYBERSEC 2018

During the CYBERSEC Forum held in Cracow, Marek Zagórski, Polish Minister of Digital Affairs, announced, that the „3 Seas Digital Highway” project, initiated by the Kosciuszko Institute is one of the priority projects adopted by the Three Seas summit in Bucharest. The 4th European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC 2018, is one of the most important […]

NATO to obtain full operational readiness for cyberspace actions in five years

Cyberspace is an area in which NATO has to conduct operational activities the same way as it does in the sea, on land or in air. CYBERSEC 2018 – Europe’s most important conference devoted to the strategic issues of security in the web is in progress in Cracow. The guests of the conference include i.a. […]

CYBERSEC 2018 is swinging into high gear – the main topics of the second day of the conference are going to include cyber-defense and the challenges of the future.

It’s the second day of the CYBERSEC Forum in Cracow - the most important event devoted to the issues of security in cyberspace. The first day of the conference ended with the official opening of the ‘Digits, Codes, Ciphers – 100 Years of Polish Independence’ exhibition which provided insight into the contribution of Poles into […]