Central and Eastern Europe is a dynamically evolving region consisting of over 100 million people that generate GDP worth $1.6 trillion. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-evolving sectors of IT. Last year global cybersecurity expenditure reached $120 billion. WannaCry and NotPetya deeply shook the entire CEE business community, where the implications of the attack were most severe. They were a major stimulus for companies to turn to cybersecurity solutions for protection. Join CYBERSEC EXPO 2019, take advantage of global trends, and cut a share of CEE cybersecurity market for your business!

Why is it worth becoming an exhibitor?

– Build business relations: dedicated networking sessions and badge scanners will help you to maximise interactions with the visitors, develop your current contacts and establish new ones;
– Present your solutions: join the agenda to take part in a session of plenary presentations or organise a presentation at your own booth;
– Develop your brand: join forces with us to create a unique atmosphere of the event, which will let you build a positive image of your brand;
– Sell! CYBERSEC EXPO 2019 not only brings you long-term benefits for your brand, it also gives you the opportunity to meet real clients, sign contracts and make your sales grow.

CYBERSEC EXPO 2019 is more than just a trade fair


Trade fairs developer, Dry Forest Expo offers comprehensive services which will support your engagement in CYBERSEC EXPO, including the design and construction of your booth.

DFExpo sp. z o. o. (since May 2018 knows as Cap2Loc) is an experienced company which specialises in the design and construction of unique, bespoke exposition booths as well as large sales areas. Its projects are based on an innovative BeMatrix system and, during the company’s career, have been multiply rewarded. Taking care of the environment, DFExpo invests in solutions which allow reusing existing materials and elements in order to reduce the waste. Its clients are being offered with standard exposition booths and made to order constructions adjusted to the customers’ needs and budgets. The company also provides furniture and multimedia systems.

DFExpo offers CYBERSEC EXPO exhibitors a free visualisation of the exhibition booth.

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CYBERSEC EXPO 2019 will take place in the brand-new Global Expo in Warsaw.

The opening of the venue is scheduled for September 2018 which guarantees the top-notch background for the trade fair. The venue is located nearby the well accessible communication node in the north of Warsaw, namely intersection of freeway S8 and Modlinska street. This location provides excellent access for Warsaw agglomeration as well as for the rest of Poland. In the proximity of the location one can find the railway station connected with Chopin and Modlin airports. The venue will be unique thanks to the mix of the functional aspects of modern trade fair space with post-industrial architecture of old warehouses that once belonged to national car manufacturer FSO. The exhibition hall will house a total of 12.5k sqm under one roof. The first floor offers conference space that represents 4k sqm and additionally you will be able to find there an event hall of 2k sqm that can accommodate 2.6k guests. The surroundings of the venue offer 1400 parking spots for the exhibitors and guests.

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From public sector:

– Public administration
– Police and uniformed services
– Military and security sector
– Fire and emergency services
– Healthcare and hospitals
– Local governments
– State companies

Private sector:

– Energy, oil and gas
– Transport
– Pharmacy
– IT and Telcos
– Law
– Security
– Manufacturing
– Services

Positions in the company:

– CSOs, CIOs, and CTOs
– Presidents and Vice Presidents
– Members of the Boards
– Cybersecurity, Security, and IT Directors and Managers
– Personal Data Protection Inspectors
– Compliance Directors and Managers
– Cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts