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DFExpo sp. z o. o. (since May 2018 knows as Cap2Loc) is an experienced company which specialises in the design and construction of unique, bespoke exposition booths as well as large sales areas. Its projects are based on an innovative BeMatrix system and, during the company’s career, have been multiply rewarded. Taking care of the environment, DFExpo invests in solutions which allow reusing existing materials and elements in order to reduce the waste. Its clients are being offered with standard exposition booths and made to order constructions adjusted to the customers’ needs and budgets. The company also provides furniture and multimedia systems.

DFExpo offers CYBERSEC EXPO exhibitors a free visualisation of the exhibition booth.


Customer Service Coordinator:
Dorota Powroźnik
e-mail – dorota@cybersecexpo.eu
mob – 0048 515 347 972
International Customer Service Coordinator:
Piotr Urbański
e-mail – piotr@cybersecexpo.eu
mob – 0048 721 897 995