European Cybersecurity Journal (vol. 5 issue 1) is published and it’s redesigned, refreshed & improved


On behalf of the Editorial Board, we're excited to present you the new issue of the European Cybersecurity Journal. This edition is the first one with redesigned and refreshed format, and improved, even more tailored content. ECJ is now supervised by new executive editors and is entirely available for free. 

Vol. 5 (2019) Issue 1 Contents:

  • Confronting cybercrimes in the digital age. Interview with Mr Steven Wilson
  • Interview with Kim Zetter on the book Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First
    Digital Weapon
  • Information Sharing for the Mitigation of Hostile Activity in Cyberspace: Comparing Two Nascent Models (Part 2) - Deborah Housen-Couriel
  • Blockchain: Next Generation Distributed Autonomous Organizations - Michael Mylrea
  • Blockchain technology as the prospective instrument for ensuring electronic trusted services in conditions of cyberthreats - Kateryna Isirova
  • The (un)desirable consequences of the (extra) territorial scope of the General Data Protection Regulation - Isabella Oldani
  • The role of intangible assets in the modern cyber threat landscape: the HERMENEUT Project - Enrico Frumento & Carlo Dambra
  • Creating a safer world of tomorrow - Renata Bilecka

We hope, that the publication will contribute to boosting our cybersecurity preparedness, taking us closer to securing the world's digital DNA!

Download the whole issue: [LINK]