Date of the second edition of CYBERSEC Forum in Brussels anounced

Second edition of CYBERSEC Brussels Leaders’ Foresight will be held on 20 February 2019. The conference will be attended by leading representatives of the EU and NATO administration, international organisations, experts and global IT leaders. The discussion’s main topics will be based on recommendations and key takeaways elaborated during the 4th European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC 2018, which was held in early October in Krakow.

CYBERSEC Brussels Leaders’ Foresight is organised by the Kosciuszko Institute.

One of the event’s superior objectives consists in acting towards strengthening the synergies between EU’s, NATO’s and their member states’ cybersecurity strategies. Key and latest challenges regarding the security of digital transformation will be discussed during the high-level meetings, panel discussions and on-stage interviews. “Our meeting in Brussels will provide an opportunity to discuss latest and most important achievements in cybersecurity. It will also be a place of a serious debate over further development of EU and NATO policy in this field,” announces Izabela Albrycht, President of the Kosciuszko Institute.

The organisers stress that, similarly to Krakow, the Kosciuszko Institute’s Digital 3 Seas Initiative and close co-operation in cybersecurity between Central and Eastern European states will be one of the most important topics during the meeting. “The 3 Seas Initiative aspires to be a true 21st century project. In order to successfully modernise and develop regional countries, it is absolutely crucial to accelerate the implementation of the digital dimension, as well as to develop cybersecurity of all three pillars of the Three Seas Initiative,” stresses Albrycht.

3 Seas Digital Highway is a key project of the initiative. In practice, it means connecting the Three Seas countries with a fast network of IT systems based on, inter alia, 5G technology. This project was included on the list of priority interconnection projects announced during the last Three Seas summit in Bucharest.

CYBERSEC Brussels Leaders’ Foresight is a 1-day conference. “I am a loyal participant of CYBERSEC and I always appreciated the combination of enthusiasm, professionalism and dynamism at these conferences. I think this brand is now brought back in Brussels in this very compact, efficient format of the one-day conference, but covering important streams – policy, defence and technology,” said Sorin Ducaru, Former Assistant Secretary General, Emerging Security Challenges, NATO, member of CYBERSEC Programme Committee, after last year’s meeting.

Besides the Brussels edition, next year the Kosciuszko Institute is planning to organise for the very first time a new format within the CYBERSEC conference – a forum in Washington D.C.